• JULY 23-25, 2021



This exclusive pre-conference workshop kicks off the 2021 Writer’s Digest Annual Conference weekend on Thursday, July 22. Seats are limited, so register today!

It’s easy to believe that some writers have some mysterious quality called “talent” and some don’t. Some have “what it takes” to succeed, and some simply don’t. The worst thing a writer can do is face the blank page not to tell a story, but to determine whether or not they have “it”. In this day-long workshop William Kenower, author of Fearless Writing and Everyone Has What It Takes, guides students through the many emotional blocks that keep all of us, regardless of our experience level, from accessing our inherent genius, and telling our best stories. In addition to Kenower’s teachings, there will be a number of writing exercises where students both address the emotional challenges that stand in the way of their craft, as well as learn new techniques to free up their creativity.

There will also be a number of focused question and answer periods where the students’ unique experiences and concerns are addressed. These workshops are shaped as much by the attendees as the material.

You’ll Learn:

Difficulty level: intermediate


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