• JULY 28-31, 2022



When is Writer's Digest Annual Conference?

The conference will be held in person in New York City at the Hilton New York Midtown. The conference will take place on Friday, July 29 - Sunday, July 31, 2022 with pre-conference workshops on Thursday, July 28, 2022.

Where is the conference taking place?

Writer's Digest Annual Conference is being held at the Hilton New York Midtown in New York City.

Who should attend the Writer's Digest Annual Conference?

Writer’s Digest Annual Conference is for literary writers of all experience levels. Published, unpublished or self-published, fiction or non-fiction—there is a lot offered here to help you master your craft and become a successful writer!

How much does the conference cost and what does it include?

Please refer to our registration page for additional information regarding registration levels and pricing.

How do I contact the Writer's Digest Annual Conference?

Please feel free to contact the Writer's Digest Annual Conference Staff with any questions at writersdigestconference@aimmedia.com.

May I register over the phone?

Phone registration is not available but we can answer any questions you might have. You can email writersdigestconference@aimmedia.com or call 715-318-0057.

How do I obtain a print out of my conference schedule?

Please refer to your initial confirmation email to login to your account to retrieve your registration record.  If you do not have your confirmation email you may request another copy to be sent by emailing: writersdigestconference@aimmedia.com.  Please include your name, email address, or confirmation number in your email request.

Do I have to attend the session I pre-selected?

No, you do not have to attend breakout sessions you selected within registration. It does help for planning purposes put the most popular sessions in the largest rooms so we encourage you to make selections based on what you think you may want to attend. You will receive recordings of most of the sessions included in your registration level about two weeks after the conference.

If you selected a pre-conference workshop, you do need to attend only the workshop you selected.

How do I change my session selections?

You can log into your registration and change your selections if you'd like. Please refer to your initial confirmation email to log into your account.

Can I change my pitch slam time?

Please contact us at: writersdigestconference@aimmedia.com and we will check availability in another time slot for you.

Do you accommodate special needs?

Yes! If you have a special need, please email writersdigestconference@aimmedia.com.

I registered online but now I can't attend, can I transfer my registration to another person?

I registered online but now I can't attend, can I transfer my registration to another person?
If you need to transfer your registration to another person, people contact us at: writersdigestconference@aimmedia.com.

What is your cancellation policy?

Registrants will have until June 1, 2022 to cancel their registration less the $100 cancellation fee. Please contact us at writersdigestconference@aimmedia.com to inform us of the cancellation. All refunds will be made back to the original credit card used to register. Refunds after June 1, 2022, will not be made. 


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