• AUGUST 17-20, 2023



We are the parent company for Blushing Publishing, (Romance), Inferis Press (Adventure Fiction), and Petticoat Press, (Sweet clean romance). Blushing is looking for romance - with a hook. Whether it is dystopian, or Regency, motorcycle club, or alien abduction fantasy, romance readers are becoming incredibly selective and contemporary romance with no real plot hook to build marketing around is simply not selling. Protagonist MUST be female. We are looking for authors who can be highly productive and produce series, a minimum of four books a year, and six to eight is better. Although heat level can be very steamy, we are not looking for erotica. The primary plot must not be simply stumbling from one bedroom romp to another. Minimum word length 70K words Blushing is publishing 4-8 books per month so we are always looking for new authors. Inferis is looking for adventure and mystery - dystopian, post apocalyptic, archeology, alien first encounter, time travel, hard and soft science fiction We prefer female leads, with a romance B story, but if the story is strong enough, we will also consider a male protagonist. Minimum world length 90K. We will also consider young adult adventure under this imprint. Petticoat Press - Romance, along the same plot lines as Blushing, but with no explicit or erotic elements. There must be a strong plot line beyond simply the romance.


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