• OCTOBER 17-20, 2024



WDC24’s Pre-Conference Workshops are the perfect opportunity to go deep on a topic with expert, hands-on guidance.
NOTE: These exclusive pre-conference workshops kick off the 2024 Writer’s Digest Annual Conference weekend on Thursday, October 17

Mastering the Art and Business of Storytelling

Unlock the Secrets of Storytelling: Craft, Diagnose, and Pitch Your Novel with Confidence! 

Join us for an immersive and comprehensive master class designed to equip you with the essential tools for both crafting and selling your novel. This class merges the core elements of two powerful courses: The Heart of Storytelling and Pitching and Selling Your Novel, creating a unique experience that blends the art of storytelling with the business of publishing. Students will be given real life examples, the opportunity to write and workshop, and the time to digest the concepts related to their own work.  

Why Attend This Master Class? 

This master class is perfect for writers at any stage of their journey, whether you’re looking to diagnose and refine a current work-in-progress or laying the groundwork for a new project. You’ll gain invaluable insights into both the craft and business of writing, ensuring your novel stands out in a competitive market. 

Join us and transform your storytelling and pitching skills, making your novel irresistible to readers and industry professionals alike. 




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