• OCTOBER 17-20, 2024


From Concept to Hero: Crafting Protagonists through the Heros Journey 

Even if you’ve fine-tuned the big-picture areas in your manuscript—character, plot, stakes—your protagonist may not be as effective as they could. As foundational as these three main tenants of story are, without a dynamic hero who draws readers in, keeps them engaged, and propels them through the story, your narrative can still fall flat. 

 This masterclass delves deeply into the process of transforming a protagonist from a mere concept into a dynamic hero using techniques like free associating and mapping. Participants will learn how to craft engaging beginnings, navigate through impactful middles, build toward powerful climaxes, and deliver satisfying endings that resonate with readers.  

What You’ll Learn 

 Join us for a comprehensive exploration of the hero’s journey as we guide you through the intricate process of developing protagonists from initial concepts to fully fleshed-out heroes. Discover the art of crafting compelling beginnings, maintaining momentum in the middle, escalating tension towards climactic moments, and crafting resolutions that leave a lasting impact. This masterclass will cover:  

Using ample published examples across a variety of genres, as well as “live edits” of participants’ works-in-progress and group discussion, this masterclass will deepen your mastery of these key story elements and help you make your protagonist as impactful and effective as possible.  

Who Should Attend:  

About Vanessa Riley  

Vanessa Riley has captivated readers with her dynamic characters and rich storytelling in historical romance and fiction and mystery. As an award-winning author and respected writing coach, she brings her expertise in crafting compelling narratives and developing unforgettable protagonists to this masterclass. Vanessa’s work has been featured in major publications like The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Publishers Weekly, and more. She been a keynote speaker and taught engaging workshops at numerous writers’ conferences, offering insights and techniques that help authors elevate their craft. For more information and resources, visit her website at [Vanessa Riley](https://www.vanessariley.com). 

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