• AUGUST 17-20, 2023


Self-Published Success

Self-published authors often struggle to gauge whether they're succeeding or feel like their success isn't "big enough" compared to what they see others achieving. In this talk, we'll look at how to put the journey into perspective and build touchstones for when staying positive is a challenge.

Areas covered include:

* Determine: Examining your reasons and goals for self-publishing and your why for choosing this path

* Set: Measuring success for a range of goals like visibility, prestige, sales, and impact * Evaluate: Understanding why a goal was or wasn't met, and what to do about it

* Celebrate: Setting yourself up for success with a growth mindset and celebratory milestones

* Leverage: Building on your successes (and failures!) and using what you've learned to take yourself to the next level

This talk is for all experience levels. It is intended primarily for self-published authors or those considering self-publishing, but could be beneficial for others.

Difficulty level: all_levels


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